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Boston RedSox 2011

Being from Boston ,Ma. and being a sports fan has to be the best thing in the world. We have teams that are at the top of there games in EVERY SPORT. How many states can say that so we are what you might say a Bless Sports Nut!!! Anyway I just want to tell everyone I hope the let down of the Celtics wasn’t to much to handle,we will go for it again,we are Bostonian s and we never give up! Now we have the Red Sox tearing up the Eastern American League and the Bruins rolling hard for the S T A N L E Y C U P… Wouldn’t that be something,2 word champions and we still have last but not least the New England Patriots and hopefully we have a season and we make a solid run once again. I guess I’ve said what I’ve want to say and I hope we all can enjoy being from BOSTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!