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Hello Boston Sports Fans

I just want to say hello to all the Boston Fan base and tell them I hope there enjoying our TEAMS as much as Me. We are blessed to be a sports fan since Boston Is and Always Will Be on Top in every sport or close to it so sit back and enjoy The Red Sox Race To The Pennant!


Boston RedSox 2011

Being from Boston ,Ma. and being a sports fan has to be the best thing in the world. We have teams that are at the top of there games in EVERY SPORT. How many states can say that so we are what you might say a Bless Sports Nut!!! Anyway I just want to tell everyone I hope the let down of the Celtics wasn’t to much to handle,we will go for it again,we are Bostonian s and we never give up! Now we have the Red Sox tearing up the Eastern American League and the Bruins rolling hard for the S T A N L E Y C U P… Wouldn’t that be something,2 word champions and we still have last but not least the New England Patriots and hopefully we have a season and we make a solid run once again. I guess I’ve said what I’ve want to say and I hope we all can enjoy being from BOSTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello world!

Welcome to I hope the people( My Friends from FB, realize that this is totally new to me and it’s taken me weeks off headaches to try and put this together, this is about sports and being from the Boston area of coarse most people that will log on will be from The River, but hopefully I did this right and whatever it supose to generate as far as feedback and comments it does, with that said I am about to link it to my face book , Oh Boy!


>I’ve been thinking about what Facebook has started and how it was when it first came on to the internet and where it is today. The point I’m trying to make is do we as a social on the go country benefit knowing all the information we can get from Facebook or does it make things less in personnel?I remember when there was a time if you need to see someone you would go to there home or place where they were at and see them, and if you needed to talk to someone you had to call them when you where at home or at a place where there were phones. I believe what we think is good about Facebook is really bad, what do you think??????????

>From the Start

>I’m going to start this when my life really began and thats when I met my wife Tamara, up until them I did what most people do and thats bounch around looking for something to make you happy that won’t fade away! Well that started in 1999 and my children became a very important part of my life,up until then I was basically on my own wondering if I would ever find that spot in life everyone seems to find and that happiness that cost nothing and I did and I should say some people do not find it so I will retract my statement a few lines ago. Anyway it’s been 10 years of loving and learning what life is all about,not only the good but the not so good but if you have that inner peace you can overcome just about anything,they say we never get more then we can handle. I am a catholic and I believe in god,if I did’nt I would’nt have what I have because without him in my life there would be no hope,no faith and nothing to believe in and we all need that and we all get it somewhere and I get it from my higher power.I’ll end it here since I believe I have said alot for the first time and I wish everyone can find that hidden happiness because it’s there,you just have to move slow to see it,before I was running and I missed it, I don’t run anymore, I pace myself and thats how I live my life.