>From the Start

>I’m going to start this when my life really began and thats when I met my wife Tamara, up until them I did what most people do and thats bounch around looking for something to make you happy that won’t fade away! Well that started in 1999 and my children became a very important part of my life,up until then I was basically on my own wondering if I would ever find that spot in life everyone seems to find and that happiness that cost nothing and I did and I should say some people do not find it so I will retract my statement a few lines ago. Anyway it’s been 10 years of loving and learning what life is all about,not only the good but the not so good but if you have that inner peace you can overcome just about anything,they say we never get more then we can handle. I am a catholic and I believe in god,if I did’nt I would’nt have what I have because without him in my life there would be no hope,no faith and nothing to believe in and we all need that and we all get it somewhere and I get it from my higher power.I’ll end it here since I believe I have said alot for the first time and I wish everyone can find that hidden happiness because it’s there,you just have to move slow to see it,before I was running and I missed it, I don’t run anymore, I pace myself and thats how I live my life.


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